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Stress: the Good, the Bad, and the In-Between
Stress: the Good, the Bad, and the In-Between

Stress: the Good, the Bad, and the In-Between

Stress isn't always bad for us... right? 5pm PST/ 6pm MST/ 7pm CST/ 8pm EST.

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Time & Location

May 01, 2024, 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM CDT

Online Zoom Gathering

About the Event

Stress plays an important role in survival. Perceived threats activate our nervous systems to act and respond. Good stress, or eustress, is what gets us motivated, productive, generative. Stressing our muscels and bones is what makes them stronger. But often when we talk of stress, we generally refer to bad stress, or the unnecessary, harmful stress. This is the stress that tells our nervous systems that we are in danger, getting us ready to fight or flee, even if we are not actually in danger. Stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol promote rapid response, which is great when we need it, but when we don't, they can do more harm than good. Prolonged bad stress - even low-levels - can lead to inflammation and chronic health problems. From Type 2 diabetes to digestive issues, stress-related health challenges can range from a nuisance or life-limiting. So, what exactly happens in the body when stressed? Is it the same with good and bad stress? How do we discern between the two? How do you experience stress and what is your relationship to stress? Stress can influence us in the moment, but impacts can also be life-long and hasten us towards end of life. This week, we look at the basics of the physiology of stress and why our awareness of stress now can impact us not just in the moment, but long-term as well.

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3. I am unable to assist with technology issues or lost links once the discussion starts, so please arrive at least a few minutes early and contact me if there are any issues. Once we start, I give my full attention to the discussion.

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