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Maggie will create an environment in which you will feel safe to discuss some difficult, perhaps uncomfortable topics.  She is knowledgeable and adept at guiding you to find the answers to questions you didn't know you have.  By discussing the Five Wishes one-on-one, Maggie will keep you on task and gently maintain your focus on each wish.  You will have her complete attention and she will ensure there are no distractions.  She knows how to listen.


This workshop is an important exercise for anyone that hopes to make their living will more meaningful. In the end, you are giving a gift to your loved ones. The workshop provided me with a structure to finally complete my 5 Wishes workbook (which had been sitting in my drawer for years!)  Maggie presents the important topics in a creative, thought provoking way which promotes interesting dialogue. I intend to remember the take home message that the work is ongoing and I can/should revisit the document with regularity. I also want to remember to ask myself "Is there a gap?" when thinking about my legacy and how I am living my life.

Maggie G.

I learned about Maggie’s workshop on The 5 Wishes and am so glad I did. It got me thinking about, and solidifying future plans so when 

needed, my family will know with certainty what my final wishes are. 

Maggie is an excellent teacher. As a nurse and compassionate person, she really gave me a lot to think about. 

Kathy F.
Park City

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