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Who is behind Life at Sunset?

My name is Maggie, BSN-RN, RYT-500, end-of-life coach. My interest in the world of Death and Dying, and how it integrally connects to Life, has led me here, in a culmination of the many hats I have worn and continue to wear. I love serving and sharing and helping and teaching. I'm here in anyway I can be for you.

About Maggie

Oncology Nurse

RN-BSN, Saint Louis, MO

Spending time in oncology gave me opportunities to work with people when their lives were turned upside down. I saw people face their mortality often sooner than they were ready. I held hands of the dying, listened to people as they processed what their lives meant to them, and helped family members make really tough decisions. In the hospital, most resources go to extending the timeline of life. I saw a big gap, space for opportunity to give more time and resources to helping people recognize what a diagnosis meant to them in terms of both quantity and quality of life. 

Yoga Instructor, RYT-500

Education: Yogaview, Chicago, IL

Circle Yoga Shala, Jasper, AR

Having practiced yoga seriously since 2005, I am struck by how practical and helpful the tools of yoga are in daily life. Also certified to teach yoga to people with cancer, I want to help others recognize that yoga has nothing to do with contorting the body into impressive shapes. It has everything to do with compassion, awareness, presence, and curiosity. I aim to bring this understanding into all offerings of Life at Sunset.

Mindfulness Research Scientist

Barnes Jewish Hospital, Saint Louis, MO

In 2017, I was awarded a research sabbatical to investigate the effects of mindfulness with Bone Marrow Transplant patients at my former place of work, Barnes Jewish Hospital, in Saint Louis, MO. It was a beautiful opportunity to bring tools of mindfulness to people in an environment with ample opportunity to feel stress. You can read the published research HERE.

End of Life Coach

Conscious Dying Institute

What does an end-of-life coach do? As an end-of-life coach, I work with individuals of any age and any health status within the five domains of life: practical, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. I help bring comfort and clarity to the individual as they, or perhaps a loved one, nears death. The individual might simply be interested in guidance in how to live their best life with whatever time they have left, whether its expected to be 3 weeks, 3 months, or 3 years. My services range from assistance in getting legal documents in order to preparing a spiritual ritual for the last few days of life. I work with people who are interested in committing to putting the work in, whether it is for one session or many. 

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