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Sunyata Kopriva presents:

"Eight Ways to Freedom in Life and Death"


Sunyata's Sunset Circle:

Want to experience more peace, freedom, and choice in your life and at the time of your death? Are you worried about certain things happening and other things not happening in your life and at the time of your death? Life and death are not all or nothing, good or bad, right or wrong, yet most people make choices based on these rigid and uncomplicated binaries. As a result, fears increase about the things not wanted, and hope increases for the things that are wanted. This is a realistic way of living and dying if in fact that is how life and death operate, but it isn’t. Wonderful things happen all the time that later down the road turn out to be hardships, and in reverse, terrible things happen that are actually blessings in disguise. Peace and freedom arise when we can see things for how they are and not try to fit them into rigid binaries. 


This short workshop will give you a practical tool to use in your life to examine where you are getting stuck in hope and fear, and to start making choices that allow you to experience true freedom and peace in your life and at the time of your death.

About Sunyata 

Sunyata Kopriva, RYT, MSW, LCSW is a global integrative trauma psychotherapist and founder of Healers Hive. They are a gender- varied, queer, Buddhist, yoga teacher, meditation teacher, and clinical social worker. They work with individuals, groups, and classes. Their healing practice focuses on mindful, holistic, spirit-focused, body-centered, and creative techniques. Sunyata is a long-time dedicated practitioner of Vajrayana Buddhism and a life-time student of, well, everything. Sunyata embodies compassion, curiosity, and wisdom through experience. To learn more about Sunyata and their work, check out:

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